You Don't Have What It Takes to Podcast... Or Do You?


  • Can’t break into the podcasting world
  • Don’t have an interesting story
  • Aren’t creative

Entering the podcasting world and making a mark is an important step in the lives of people who strive for success. But you’re not one of those people!

Why? Discover the reasons below:

  1. You Can’t Break Into Podcasting

Entering the podcasting world requires many and varied skills, which, unfortunately, you don’t have.

First, a content creator must feel passion for a particular field, which doesn’t apply to you because you’re “boring” and don’t feel enthusiastic about any topic.

Also, a creative podcaster is unique, spontaneous, and possesses wisdom. As for you, you’re considered lazy, pretentious, and reckless, and therefore can’t be a role model or guide for others.

In addition, someone who wants to enter the podcasting world should have the ability to plan and organize to excel and overcome obstacles and problems along the way.

Of course, you’re not someone who has the necessary abilities to develop a well-thought-out plan that will map out your journey in the podcasting world.

  1. You Don’t Have an Interesting Story

Your story doesn’t matter!

All the experiences you’ve had in your life are ridiculous, and therefore don’t help others at all.

Your knowledge in any field, even your field of specialization, is not accurate or even sufficient for listeners. This will drive them to look for another source of information they can trust.

Also, you’re someone who doesn’t know how to present the information you have in a smart way that makes listeners eagerly await your story and what’s new.

In addition, your feelings and thoughts are not important!

All of these things will inevitably lead you to failure. So, to avoid feeling frustrated, don’t enter the podcasting world in the first place.

  1. You’re Not Creative

You’re breaking all the rules. The idea that everyone can be creative in something they love is wrong, because of you!

Your ideas aren’t new, and you don’t even have a wide imagination that leads you to out-of-the-box ideas.

Your creativity is limited, your ideas are repetitive and there’s nothing new or special about them that can attract listeners and make them want to listen to you.

Listening to you is like listening to sentences with unrelated and incoherent words, and it’s simply a waste of time.

In short, you don’t have the qualifications to enter the podcasting world like anyone else.

But in reality, all of the above are phrases that you may have heard from people around you, and they are wrong, unfair, and make you feel like you can’t enter the podcasting world.

But don’t worry, we’re always here to help you prove them wrong and confirm, to yourself first, that you can achieve any goal you set for yourself!

Happy Podcasting Journey With Podeo!