You Do Not Need to Splash the Cash

You Do Not Need to Splash the Cash

Launching a podcast can be costly. But how much does streaming cost? And what are the best ways to keep your budget under control? When you first begin your audio career, you don’t need to spend much money.


You Do Not Need to Splash the Cash


There is always a tendency to overextend when beginning an undertaking. There will always be a draw to buy the finest hardware and software. You’d want to keep up with professional producers and convert your home workplace into a professional studio!


It’s simple to believe that the most expensive machinery is required to create anything of the highest caliber. If you need more self-control, you might find yourself with expensive tools that you don’t need.


The good news is that starting a podcast doesn’t have to be expensive. Starting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you have a tight budget, you only need to engage in the essentials to get started.


Use What You Have


Utilize your resources. The majority of smartphones today can record audio in high resolution, (and video). Use the Voice Memos app to capture if you have an iPhone. As a bonus: Audio can be recorded using mobile software by some podcast hosts, such as Anchor. You can even capture videos on your phone. Read why using video is becoming more essential in the podcast industry if you haven’t already.


Consider learning a skill before outsourcing someone for a task. There are a ton of free online tools available that can instruct you on almost anything. A great location to start is YouTube. Therefore, instead of hiring an editor the next time you run into post-production problems, try learning by doing. Moreover, Consider borrowing tools rather than buying them. Consult with friends and family to see if they have a microphone, headphones, or anything else your podcast setup is lacking.


Lastly, consider choosing used over new. To discover lightly used equipment, check out online marketplaces, or any preferred outlet. Be careful; make sure the item you’re purchasing is functional. Asking the seller to try the item in front of you is something you should not be afraid to do.

Wrap Up


You can reach a large audience by using podcasts, but you should be aware of the expenses involved in starting and maintaining a show. So, ask yourself: What is the cost of podcasting and how can I reduce it? By using the above advice, you can reduce your podcast expenses while still producing a high-caliber show. Podeo is here for you whether you decide to go big or go budget-friendly.