What Are You Waiting For To Defend Your Rights?

What are you waiting for to defend your rights

Women in many societies are subject to intimidation and pressure despite the great development witnessed by the concept of women’s rights in the world.

In the 21st century, we still see the phenomenon of underage marriage, education deprivation, neglect of women in politics, and other phenomena that marginalize women and their role in building societies. From here, podcasts came to raise the voice of every oppressed woman, put a finger on the wound, and show that women are the better half of society, that they are complete human beings with rights and duties, and that they are full-fledged citizens.

Podcasts do not only address entertainment topics, but also rooted social issues. Thus, podcasts are an essential way to highlight the importance of women’s rights in society.

Women empowerment podcasts can reach any individual in society, of any age, gender, or religion… They can build informed and educated societies that know well human rights in general and women’s rights in particular. They are a surefire way to improve communities and fight the taboo that keeps people from improving as they raise the voice of all those oppressed, and allow everyone to express their opinion freely.

In addition to addressing the issue of women’s rights, and educating listeners in this field, podcasts, especially the Podeo platform, give every Arab woman the opportunity to express her ideas and claim her rights by raising her voice and preparing her podcast to speak freely without fear or deterrence, because women are an essential element in societies.

Woman of the Arab World, what prevents you from being free?

Fight back, stand up for your rights and enter the world of podcasting with Podeo!