Weekly? Daily? What’s the Catch?

Weekly? Daily? What’s the Catch?

You put in all the effort to have your first show broadcast to the world’s eager audience. Congratulations! What’s this? You’ll have to repeat everything. You’re not concerned, of course. You’ve acquired sound skills and have excellent systems in place. Yes, you might be worn out. But the persistent query is still there. How often should new podcast segments be published?

Consider Your Podcast’s Topic

First, consider how large, small, current, or timeless your podcast’s primary topic is. Do you discuss current events, such as the newest news or famous rumors? Or do you discuss more all-encompassing subjects, such as social issues, dating guidance, or business advice?

It would be advisable to issue new podcast episodes more frequently if your themes are a little more up-to-date or your topics are on the narrower side. If you want to get your work out fast, you could release episodes once or twice a week, or even daily. It’s best to publish your episodes as soon as possible if your topics are current, popular, and in the spotlight to avoid losing viewers to less interesting subjects.

It’s crucial to remember that you can always plan releases at particular periods of the year to occur more or less frequently. For instance, if your podcast is entirely about basketball, you can plan more episodes for March to take advantage of March Madness’s continued relevance.

Quantity and Quality Balance

Some believe that the most important thing is to maintain your content as fresh as possible (to trigger Google’s Freshness Algorithm). Do not follow computers’ rules for living or working.

People grow weary of hearing. You run the danger of becoming monotonous if you release episodes frequently. Quantity, according to some, is the key to drawing notice. They believe that more episodes will result in more downloads, which will raise their position in the audio charts. You won’t retain listeners if your show sounds amateurish or doesn’t live up to its promises. You won’t spread any good word of mouth.

It’s wise to share certain subjects and programs frequently. Once more, fantastic if your podcast only features you and a few aural cues and you have solid systems in place.

Think of Your Schedule

Everyone detests fatigue! It makes sense to take into account your timetable outside of recording when scheduling podcast episode releases. Consider what you can manage. How much time do you have after coming up with ideas, doing the research, recording, editing, and marketing your episodes? In more detail, how long can you comfortably wait before releasing fresh episodes?
It’s probably not a good idea to release two episodes per week if the production of your podcast usually takes 5 to 10 hours and you work 50 hours per week. Before diving into more than you can manage, be realistic about the time you have available. Your viewers would prefer it if you could release new episodes without worrying than if your show failed because you took on too much! Quality always takes precedence over number.

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