The Most Important Sense

حاسة السمع

Imagine a world where birds don’t sing, drums don’t rumble, and people don’t speak…! Imagine a world of silence, where feelings are not put into words and thoughts are not translated into stories. Would it be a dull place to be?

Hearing sounds is essential for maintaining relationships and connections and experiencing life events. Hearing makes engaging, listening, laughing, and other things that help shape your quality of life possible.
Hearing is the sense that does not stop during sleep and it is what helps children to speak. So can you imagine life without it?
How can you hear a beautiful word of love from your beloved ones without the sense of hearing? Or how can you feel danger without hearing an alarm?

Do you think that you can relax without hearing beautiful, calming sounds? Or even how you would follow your passion to learn the profession you love without being able to hear the information to understand and memorize it?

We asked many questions to draw your attention to the importance of the sense of hearing in our daily lives.
As we ponder and answer these questions, we realize that hearing is one of our most important senses. Because hearing helps us get all the information we can store in our heads and helps us be creative.

As the media industry developed, podcast programs simulated the human body’s most important sense, hearing. It is a wide gateway to using other senses. When we hear beautiful sounds, we can see, touch, taste, and smell beautiful things right before our eyes.

Podcasts and listening go hand in hand, because when you listen to an episode, you pick up information, interpret it, and store it in your brain for later use. Podcasts can teach us a lot., they help you make important decisions on many different levels, practical, professional, and personal, making you smarter and more educated in your dialogues and meetings.

The world is evolving and podcasts are the future…activate your hearing sense now and listen to podcasts that provide information for free anywhere without the internet!