Start Small but Dedicated

Start Small but Dedicated

Perhaps you’re no longer content with merely listening to podcasts and feel that you could do a fantastic job producing your own. Everybody and their brother have a podcast, which is sort of a running joke, particularly in light of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. However, it’s also true that you might have something interesting and engaging to say via audio.


It Is Okay to Start Small

People think that their favorite podcasters started with millions of followers right away. Everyone starts small and when the opportunity strikes, they go viral. Start now, start small but be devoted and serious about it and soon enough your time will come. 

Moreover, podcasting can be considered a trial-and-error process. You might struggle at first to figure out what format and genre suits you best. But once you do stick to it and put in the time and effort needed to succeed.


Can You Launch a Podcast Without Any Listeners?

A podcast can be launched even without listeners! The truth is that a podcast is an excellent tool for building an audience from scratch, even though you might believe you need a large following or an established audience to start one. Even with no listeners, you can launch a podcast.

In contrast to other forms of digital content, podcasts provide infopreneurs and course creators with a new way to connect with a broader audience. Knowing to whom you are marketing your podcast is the key to starting a podcast without a following.


You Possess Something Special

There are almost countless podcasts, and new ones are constantly being added to various podcasting platforms around the world. 48 million recordings from over two million podcasts were available worldwide in 2021. 

These numbers indicate one thing. You must have something worthy to say if you start a podcast and contribute to the noise (literally and figuratively). What’s your perspective? What tale can you relate to that hasn’t already been told? Before you take the plunge, you must respond to these queries if you want people to listen to your show.


Perhaps you noticed a void in a competitor’s podcast that you can fill. Maybe no one else has a podcast on the particular subject you want to cover. Maybe you want to open up a line of communication with your viewers. Whatever it may be, if you have a special gift or a unique story to share, this is a good reason to start a podcast.


Podeo Is Here for You

The best thing you can always remember when starting a podcast is that Podeo is here for you. We want to make the journey of creators easier. Don’t worry if you are starting small, you won’t be alone. Your voice deserves to be heard and  Podeo is the best place to start.