Spooky Podcasts to Put a Twist on Daily Stories!

Spooky Podcasts to Put a Twist on Daily Stories!

For fans of strange stories, have you ever thought of listening to the weirdest podcasts? When we search for answers to many questions in our daily lives, we may come across information that is even stranger than the questions themselves! And because humans are naturally curious and always on a journey to find the truth in any field, the strangest podcasts have emerged to address “mysterious” topics and answer many questions, revealing “illogical” truths in various areas. The world is full of ambiguous matters that many people may consider illogical, but in reality, they are solid facts that cannot be changed. So, what are the strangest podcasts that anyone seeking answers to many questions in their daily life can listen to?


Mamkoos podcast presents a collection of the strongest true horror and magic stories about jinn, non-human creatures, and other terrifying entities. In each episode, you will discover a new true story that is hard to believe, and with every new piece of information, you will want to hear more. Listen to “Mamkoos” podcast exclusively and for free on Podeo.


 podcast: Everyone is afraid of something, but the type of fear varies from one person to another. Some people may feel afraid of simple and normal things for others, such as social media, pressure, or even asking questions… What are the strangest types of fear? Listen to the “Fear” podcast on Podeo to discover types of fear that may be “unusual” for you.

The Most Evil Children

 When we hear the word “child,” the first word that comes to mind is “innocence.” But did you know that many children around the world have committed terrible and unimaginable crimes? “The Most Evil Children” podcast exclusively on Podeo sheds light on horrific crime stories committed by children.

Old Magic Legends

 We hear many stories daily about magicians, demons, and books containing dangerous texts. Are these stories true or myths? “Old Magic Legends” podcast talks about a controversial story that has occupied the world for years in each episode. Listen to it exclusively and for free on Podeo and discover very strange information.


 Many stories are passed down from generation, and many people around the world believe in them. For example, spilling coffee or itching the hand are associated with good luck. In the “Myths” podcast exclusively on Podeo, you will discover the truth and source of these and many other common stories among people.

Unleash the Weirdness with No Limits!

There’s no logic or reason in the land of the strange and profound. Every time we hear a tale we thought was the weirdest ever told, another one comes along with details beyond belief to behold. Have you heard some stories that no one else has known?

On the Podeo platform, share them with the world, and make them shown!

Start your quirky podcast and be the source of truth. Let your uniqueness shine, let your weirdness run aloof!