Podeo onboards Dukkan Media to amplify and monetize its podcasts

Podeo, the region’s foremost podcast platform, proudly welcomes Dukkan Media, a vanguard in podcast production, into its hosting and distribution platform. This synergy will elevate, monetize, and provide unparalleled reach for the captivating voices and stories brought forward by Dukkan Media’s podcasts.

Dukkan Media’s podcasts – hosted and distributed via Podeo – include “Dukkan Show”, recently acclaimed by Cosmopolitan’s “5 Arab podcasts you *need* to listen to”, “Forever Student” hosted by Stephan Muller, “Legal-ish”, “Switch / Flicks”, “The Leap Podcast” and “Freedom of Peach”.

Dukkan Media’s podcasts are available across all listening platforms including Podeo, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anghami, SoundCloud and wherever listeners get their podcasts.

Podeo offers podcasters and publishers best-in-class technology, enabling unparalleled monetization opportunities and reach, enhanced by advanced behavioral analytics and deep expertise in the regional podcast market.

Stefano Fallaha, Podeo’s CEO & Founder, said: “Dukkan Media have pioneered the podcasting scene in MENA since 2015, and we are looking forward to further amplifying their shows and unlocking new monetisation opportunities”.

Omar Tom, Dukkan Media’s Cofounder & CEO, said: “Watching Podeo’s evolution and their commitment to amplifying the region’s podcast market has been inspiring. Partnering with them was a natural choice for us. We look forward to growing together.


About Podeo:

Podeo is the Middle East & North Africa’s podcasting heartbeat, reaching millions of listeners globally every month. With unique audio products for creators, listeners and advertisers, and a technological infrastructure that enables tens of thousands of creators, Podeo is on a mission to unlock the potential of the human voice by amplifying audio content to billions of ears.

About Dukkan Media:

Dukkan Media is a leading cultural consultancy firm and podcast network that helps businesses understand the people of the Middle East. At the heart of their mission is to cause culture impact and be a voice from the Middle East to the world.