Podcasts and audiobooks... What's the difference between them?

Many may think that podcasts and audiobooks are so similar as there is no difference between them. 

But in fact, there are fundamental differences between them, for the listener and the creator.

By definition, podcasts and audiobooks are digital audio files that are listened to over the Internet. But in reality, the difference is major. 

First, an audiobook is a recorded text of an existing story, usually in the form of a book, that narrates the same scenario as the book or even a group of stories in one episode, so the same content can be obtained differently. As for podcasts, they are different episodes that may be daily, weekly, or monthly, and in each episode, new information is provided and discussed. 

In an audiobook, no creator or podcaster prepares the content for each episode, but rather the writer of the story presents the plot in their way.

When it comes to duration, audiobooks are usually longer than podcasts. They can stretch for many hours because it is a continuous retelling of the events of the story. As for podcasts, the duration of each episode ranges from a few minutes to about an hour and no more. Podcasts are dynamic, as they are short and each episode deals with a different topic. What gives one the ability to listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime, is that they are quick and easy to consume.

In addition, it must be noted that most podcasts can be listened to for free through applications. As for audiobooks, listeners usually have to pay a certain amount set by writers and publishers in exchange for obtaining the content.

Speaking of applications, it is important to mention that the listener can move from one podcast to another, and from one episode to another easily. 

The difference between podcasts and audiobooks is major, knowing that they are similar being a means of entertainment and discovery of new information.

Now, after you have discovered the differences between the two trending media, and you have become aware of the importance of podcasting in discovering new information and entertainment quite easily, at any time, and for free, do you still feel the reluctance to start listening to podcasts and take advantage of any moment in your life to discover all new?

Start experimenting with podcasts today, live a new and diverse experience, and share your opinions with us about them.

See you in a new blog.