On International Podcast Day... Start recording your shows!

world podcast day

On September 30th, we celebrate International Podcast Day from all around the world. This medium represents the second golden age of radio programming and shows a roadmap to a bright and prosperous future.

Podcasts are immensely popular with regular listeners of 21st-century radio, which has left its mark around the world, and September 30th is a perfect time to celebrate the power of podcasting to take the world by storm and become one of the leading vehicles for accurate information. Today is a great time to connect with fellow podcasters, listeners, and all fans of these shows.

Why should you listen to podcasts?

These shows have great flexibility that sets them apart from other media, allowing people to listen to shows anytime and anywhere, and podcasting apps such as Podeo, give listeners an experience through their r mobile phones. Moreover, these programs do not require a monthly subscription and are completely free, helping listeners discover new information in different areas at the same time.

How can you celebrate World Podcast Day?

-Use #InternationalPodcastDay to express your opinions about this medium, and connect with its fans around the world.
-Listen to the podcast that works best for you and write about your listening experience on social media.
-Listen to shows that interest you, create content, and invite your friends to immerse themselves in the world of podcasts.
-Connect with the best podcasters for you through their social media accounts.

And the most important step is to grab your phone, create an account on create.podeo.co and start a podcast yourself!

Happy #WorldPodcastDay !