3 Must-Listen to Saudi Arabian Podcasts!

3 Must-Listen to Saudi Arabian Podcasts


Podcasts are a pillar of the Saudi scene. The residents of the Kingdom know the importance of a medium of communication such as podcasts and use it daily. A study in Saudi Arabia conducted on 2,000 people during the lockdown period due to covid-19 showed that 93 percent of them “trust podcasts more than any other media outlet.”

The demand for high-quality podcasts is surging in the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia. Such need and the ease of access to podcasts gave birth to brilliant podcasts in the kingdom. Offering grand entertainment and value for those who tune in.


This medium has become one of the main pillars in the daily lives of residents of the Kingdom, who benefit from it for entertainment and education. Here are three Podeo exclusive podcasts, the most listened to in Saudi Arabia, in fact. You can enjoy these podcasts to participate in an experience full of suspense and access meaningful content.


Asmaa Min Dahab: Because sport is an arena that combines competition and creativity, the “Asmaa Min Dahab” podcast takes you on a unique journey in which you get to know the stories of inspiring athletes and their journey paved with blood, sweat, and tears. If you want to listen to stories that inspire you, the “Asmaa min Dahab” podcast is the place for you.


Khawf: No one can escape fear. Some of the fears some people feel are familiar, while others may be irrational to many. A horror podcast in the Saudi dialect weekly talking about the many types of fears that people fear in this life and that concern everyone. Listen to Fear on  Podeo and live an unparalleled podcast experience.


Ghazal Podcast: This podcast is perfect for listeners eager to listen to different topics from culture to education and upbringing, all the way to social issues. The “Ghazal Podcast” helps raise awareness of vital topics through meaningful conversations. Listen to it exclusively on Podeo, discover fascinating information, and stand out from the rest.


Podeo Podcasts


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