Important events in the history of Iraq in minutes on Podeo!

Important events in the history of Iraq

When we hear the word “history” we immediately see images of ancient events. This makes sense because history is the events that happened in the past.

Each country has gone through many stages, in its ancient or modern history, and this creates fundamental turning points that stick in the people’s minds and souls. 

In the Arab world, Iraq is considered one of the distinguished countries known for its national, religious and sectarian pluralism. There is no doubt that the Iraqi people feel a great sense of belonging to their beloved homeland, as they constantly seek to search for distinctive information related to important events in the history of Iraq and the stages that constituted a turning point in the course of the state.

Therefore, we have dedicated these lines to you, the Iraqi people, one by one, to shed light on the importance of podcasts in your life, and how they can help you discover the secrets of historical events in Iraq, easily and simply in a short time.

Podcasts, the latest media today, play a big role in people’s lives because they help them to entertain and discover information at the same time, in an easy way, anywhere and anytime without the Internet.

How is that?

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Back to discovering the secrets of historical events that took place in Iraq, we must shed light on the “Huroub Al Alam” podcast, which Podeo offers exclusively on its platform, narrating interesting information about the most important wars in the world.

This podcast dealt with important topics in the history of Iraq of interest to every Iraqi, namely the “American Invasion of Iraq in 2003“, “The First Gulf War in 1980” and “The Second Gulf War and the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990“.

This podcast has essential historical information in just minutes, you can listen to it in the morning, noon or evening while exercising, shopping, or even while relaxing…”

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