How to Find Your Podcasting Niche

How to Find Your Podcasting Niche

Having a podcast niche is essential, unless you are a celebrity podcaster (honestly, even if you are). It matters for both your marketing initiatives and your podcasting business plan. You can better understand your audience by defining your show’s focus thanks to your niche. 


What Is a Podcast Niche


Let’s define “podcast niche” before delving further into the selection procedure.


A podcast niche is a topic with a restricted focus that appeals to a particular audience. It aids listeners in understanding who you are and your show’s subject matter. Potential listeners may need help to understand your topic and may choose to skip over your broadcast if it is too broad. 


Think About What Makes You Unique


It helps to have something unique that no other presenter can give if you want your program to stand out. This is a crucial strategy for competing in the crowded podcast market. It gives viewers a reason to choose your program above the competition.


Do you have any unusual stories to share? A captivating tale that offers you a unique viewpoint?  Can you use your knowledge to solve a particular problem? Do you know any unusual visitors?


Think About Your Skills and Strengths


Your podcast should ideally concentrate on a subject that you are knowledgeable about. Knowing the issue well will make it simple for you to discuss it. Additionally, the information will be superior to what you would discover from scratch.

Having said that, you are not required to be an expert on the subject. There will always be some research required. But you need to have a solid knowledge base first.

Go Deeper by Exploring Subcategories


As we previously mentioned, we advise narrowing your focus to avoid competing with well-known figures and lavish media production companies. Despite what you might believe, this actually makes your show stand out. 

Consider focusing on stories of individuals assisting one another or even stories of people doing enormous harm if you want to create journalistic monologues of human interest stories, which is a popular genre. 


Think About the Competition


Consider spending a few minutes analyzing the competitors in any podcast topic that interests you. Who are the main participants? What show formats are there? Why are they so well-liked? Select any category that piques your attention, then look around for a while. Having said that, some competition is acceptable. Existing podcasts in your specialized field are actually a positive indicator. It implies that a market needs to be supplied. 


You Can Always Diversify Later


If you’re unsure whether your niche is too narrow, remember that it’s not intended to be a prison. It should aid you rather than place unnecessary limitations on you. So you can always expand or change your expertise in the future. You’ll probably have a better understanding of exactly what you have to contribute once you’ve played a little with your topic, at which point you can adjust your specialty.


Podeo Is Here


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