Here's what you need to know about podcast episode lengths.

podcast length

When recording your podcasts, you may sometimes think to yourself: For how long have I been talking? Will listeners finish listening? Worry less, every creator goes through the same and the question remains: What is the best podcast episode length?
Podcasts feature interesting information in unique and innovative ways, in a time ranging from a few minutes to over 60-minute episodes. The episode length depends on your content. On average, a podcast episode lasts about 44 minutes, but that number may not be optimal.

Here’s a quick guide to help you determine your next episode’s duration:

– 15-30 minutes: if your podcast content is about short stories or daily news, do not exceed this timeframe and present your information in a clear and interesting approach.

– 30-60 minutes: When a podcaster, or more than one podcaster, is to interviewing one guest, the duration of the episode must be chosen to range between 30 to 60 minutes. This time is enough for the content creator to provide new information more clearly.

– More than 60 minutes: Podcasts with episodes lasting more than an hour contain a live show or a large number of guests that the host, is interviewing. Here, content creators have the time to dive into the information well, and not present it in a quick and simplified way like in shorter podcast formats. This is mainly used for roundtable podcasts.

Of course, there is no ideal time for any podcast or episode, and you, as podcasters, decide to choose the most appropriate duration to share your content.

Keep in mind that, that choosing the same duration for all Episodes is essential for the consistency of the podcast to attract the attention of the listeners.

The podcast episode duration is a key component of Podcast Success Secrets, and mastering those will guarantee a successful podcasting journey.

Happy podcasting!