Here are the easy steps... How do you produce an Arabic podcast?

First, let’s read this sentence out loud together: “A podcast is a series of audio files on a particular topic that a podcaster records and publishes over the Internet.”

Well, let’s read the same sentence again, respecting the punctuation and using our voice in a musical way: “A podcast… a series of audio files, that talk about a particular topic, that a person records, and broadcasts over the Internet.”

Did you notice the difference? Yes… Our second reading conveyed the information in a better way to the listener and showed the importance of the voice in attracting attention and conveying the information. How many times have we talked to someone, whom we do not know, on the phone, for example, and said to ourselves: “How beautiful was their voice!”?

In fact, sound plays a big role in a person’s mood and psyche, as music, for example, can help us relax and relieve stress. The sense of hearing is the first sense activated when we wake up, and the last to pause when we go to sleep.

If you have a strong and beautiful voice, what are you waiting for to start your podcast? Note that the number of podcast listeners is constantly increasing, especially the Arab podcast, which has gained a wide and great spread in our Arab world.

Before talking about how to start recording a podcast, it must be noted that the word podcast comes from the English word “Podcast”, which is a combination of “broadcast”, which means broadcasting or publishing, and “iPod”, which means the portable music player produced by Apple. Of course, people don’t have to listen to podcasts only on their iPod, they can do so from any digital device

If you are one of the hidden talented podcast makers and want to record a professional podcast you have come to the right place, Podeo’s Creators’ Dashboard  which supports the best podcasters in the Arab world, to easily start  raising their voice loudly and delivering it to the largest possible number of listeners around the world. 

Professional podcast production steps:

After determining the areas of topics that you want to address within the podcast, the following steps must be taken:

1- Choosing a podcast name: Choosing a catchy name attracts listeners and describes the content in a simple way. The name can be chosen in 3 ways: the personal name, that is, if the podcaster plans to host the podcast themself, the creative name that reflects the creativity of the podcaster, and the descriptive name that can highlight the target group. It is also possible to choose a subtitle for the podcast, which describes the benefit of the show, for example: developing your technological knowledge capabilities via the Internet. This step helps listeners understand the podcast more and motivates them to listen.

2- Podcast cover photo design: The cover photo draws the attention of the listeners with its distinctive colors and design.

3- Podcast music: The podcast, like any other program, needs its own music and defines its identity at the beginning and end of the episode to add extra mood. 

4- Broadcasting equipment: All you need to start producing a podcast is a quiet environment, a good microphone, and an app for voice recording, editing, and interviews. After recording the podcast, the most important step must be taken, which is to host the podcast across platforms, such as Podeo that offers professionals in the Arab world the opportunity to host an Arabic podcast and a professional podcast. 

5- Podcast recording: After selecting topics, preparing and editing ideas in a good and attractive way, and preparing clear and simple questions for interviews, record the podcast. We recommend that you listen to the podcast after recording it. Criticize yourselves and ask some questions: Did the idea come across well? Will the treatment attract people? Did you reach the desired result  from the start? Can this podcast be improved? If you have any doubts about the podcasts, feel free to re-record for better outcome. 

6- Download and publish the podcast: This step allows you to distribute the podcast to different platforms, allowing maximum reach to listeners. Of course, any Arabic podcast must be sent to the Podeo platform. 

7- Podcast promotion: Promotion is done through social networking sites: YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Repurpose your podcast content into promotional content for engagement and anticipation. 

To summarize, these were the main highlights of producing and recording a podcast. If you are a fan of Arabic professional podcasts, and you are looking for an opportunity to explore your talents… What are you waiting for? Start now  and record your first podcast using the simple steps above. Together, we build a world of audio experiences accessible for listeners anytime, anywhere.