Go Evergreen, It's Good for You

Go Evergreen, It's Good for You

Looking for a strategy to expand your podcast and make the most of each episode you produce? Planning, scripting, recording, and editing all cost significant time and work, so maximizing your return on investment makes sense of time and work, so it makes sense to maximize your return on investment. Creating evergreen content is usually the best method to accomplish this. 

What Is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content retains its worth over time. It is not based on current events or keeping up with the latest trends. Instead, it focuses on issues that will be important for a long time after they are recorded. So, if an episode is still as exciting a year later as it was when it was first released, it qualifies as evergreen.

For example, making an episode about the most recent news stories in your niche is incredibly timely. After a month or two, it will be out of date and irrelevant. The world will have changed. However, if your podcast is about Stoic philosophy or ancient Greek history, it will most certainly be just as valuable in five years – that is evergreen material.

The Advantages of Evergreen Podcast Episodes

But, if you aren’t already, should you make an effort to create and publish evergreen episodes? Here are our top three reasons why we believe it is worthwhile to invest in.

Makes Sticking To Your Schedule Easier

One advantage of content that never goes out of style is that you can create it whenever you want. You can batch-record a series of episodes, and even if you publish one six months later, they’ll still be current and fresh.

This makes it much easier to maintain a constant posting schedule. Even if the batch recording isn’t your style, having one additional episode ready to go means you can work when it’s convenient for you. So, if there is an emergency, you become unwell for a week, or you simply need a break, you do not have to give up your release schedule. There’s always an episode or two to keep you going.

Allows You to Focus On Quality

You must be quick if you continuously hurry to cover the latest trend and promptly send your viewpoint out into the world. If you take too long to gather your thoughts and create an episode, your content may be out of date by the time you release it.

However, if your material is evergreen, you will have far more time to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. You are no longer constrained by stringent deadlines on every subject.

Easier to Tune In

Evergreen material is ideal for amassing a substantial back record of episodes. New listeners can binge on the content you’ve previously created, and it will remain relevant wherever they find your podcast, regardless of the year. Episodes that never expire earn more downloads overall and can help new listeners find you for years to come. Essentially, you get a lot more out of each episode. 

Go Evergreen With Podeo

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