Five podcasts that help you discover the secrets of success!

Four podcasts that help you discover the secrets of success!

The concept of success differs from one person to another, as each person’s goals, circumstances, and the nature of the society they live in differ.

But success, in general, is when a person achieves the goal they seek and dream of achieving. Of course, the life of the most successful people in the world has never been easy, for they felt weak, afraid, hesitant, and experienced failure and fall before climbing to reach the top.

Today, we will gift you four podcasts to help you discover the secrets of success and strengthen your will to reach the goals you dream of.

Al-Masirah: This podcast, available exclusively on Podeo, shares with you the stories of people who have shined in this life and how they paved their way to success and challenged the harsh conditions they went through.

Creative Scene: Creativity is essential to success in professional life. Listen to the Creative Scene podcast, exclusively on Podeo, learn about creativity in all its aspects, benefit from the information in your practical life, and notice the difference.

Elie Mouchantaf’s life story: Elie Mouhantaf, a Lebanese basketball player who changed the scales of the game and engraved his name in the minds of basketball fans in Lebanon and Asia. How did his career start? How did he reach stardom? What are the worst stages in his life? These questions and many more must be answered by Elie Mechantaf, who tells the details himself, exclusively on Podeo. Listen to Elie Muchantaf’s life story, learn from it, and make it an inspiration for you.

The United Arab Emirates: When we talk about modernity and progress, the first country that comes to mind is the United Arab Emirates. Learn about the emirates of this country and its features and the wisdom of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. May God have mercy on him and his achievements and stances in this podcast. Discover important information about the UAE and make this “Arab Emirates” a source that boosts activity, hope, and vitality to achieve your goals.

Mental health – Understand yourself: For a person to understand himself is very important to overcome many obstacles in this life. Mental health is today one of the essential topics in the world. Listen to the “Mental Health – Understand Yourself” podcast on Podeo, and discover the actions that affect our lives and their solutions.

Failure, fear, or fatigue are not among the obstacles that stand before a person and prevent them from achieving their dreams. Instead, they are the stations he goes through to return more robust and more determined to achieve goals and success. Set your goals, draw plans for your life, and think about success; you will inevitably reach what you want. Download the new Podeo application, choose the podcasts that satisfy you, enjoy the journey of listening to podcasts, and make it a haven to turn to in times of weakness to feel strength and increase your perseverance and determination.