Entertaining podcasts during Ramadan on Podeo... Listen to them and have fun!

Entertaining podcasts during Ramadan on Podeo... Listen to them and have fun!

The holy month of Ramadan came this year and brought with it joy and hope to the hearts of Muslims who eagerly await this holy month every year. In addition to praying, decorating, and preparing iftar tables around which family and friends gather, special podcasts for the month of Ramadan play an important role in spending magical nights and special moments. Because of their ease of access and their ability to meet everyone’s needs, podcasts have been able to occupy advanced ranks in terms of entertainment pieces that fasting people resort to during Ramadan to pass time.


Therefore, we will offer you two Ramadan podcasts that you can listen to for entertainment and entertainment during Ramadan:


30 Nights and One Night: Listening to useful stories that carry distinctive lessons is a great way to spend the month of Ramadan ideally. The  “30 Nights and One Night” podcast provides you with daily beautiful short stories that carry important lessons in life with an attractive and fun narration.


If you are looking for entertainment, suspense, and passing the time during the month of Ramadan, the “30 Nights and One Night” podcast is the most suitable and ideal option for you.

Do not miss the opportunity to listen to it with family and friends daily and exclusively on Podeo, anytime and anywhere.


Tales for Children: This podcast tells the stories of the prophets and messengers in a distinctive, interesting, and out-of-the-ordinary way. It is an ideal choice for children in light of the lack of podcasts targeting this age group during Ramadan.


You can listen with your children to the Ramadan “Tales for Children” podcast to enjoy the time together and especially live the holy month by getting a daily dose of energy and vitality.


Podcasts for a Magical Month


In addition to these two exclusive Ramadan podcasts, you can benefit from other Podeo podcasts during the month of Ramadan.


Before Iftar, you can, for example, listen to the podcasts “In Islam“, “Prophets“, “Miracles of the Qur’an” and “The Story of the Life of Imam Ali“. And if you want to listen to motivational podcasts after Iftar, you can choose between “Fear”, “The Life Story of Elie Muchantaf”, “The March”, “Mental Health, Understand Yourself” and “The Arab Emirates”. As for entertainment before suhoor, the podcasts “Maghrebiyyat“, “Asmaa min Dahab“, “Without  Preparation” and “Legends of Ancient Magic” are an ideal way to have a magical month.


Podeo Has Something for Everyone


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