Become an Expert in Economy in a few minutes!

Become an Expert in Economy in a few minutes

The most important economic information that will make you a guru in the field is accessible to your ears now!

The world is currently preoccupied with economic issues that greatly affect politics, cultures, and socio-demographics as the economic status of any country is considered a basic criterion for grading the extent of its strength and position among countries.

Likewise, the world today is also preoccupied with the latest media, which are podcasts, which have transformed people’s lives and made access to accurate information very easy. Podcasts are audio files available through specialized platforms, which you can listen to at any time, anywhere, and without the Internet.

As the Egyptian people care a lot about the world of economics, we are writing to you today these lines to introduce you to the connection between the economy and podcasts, so that you can benefit from these episodes to enter this distinguished world that shapes the future of the media.

How do you benefit from podcasts to access the world of the economy?

It’s very easy. Download the Podeo app, a podcast platform that offers you more than 4 million podcasts covering all fields, and choose the economic program you want to listen to.

In each episode, you will dive deeper into economics from specialists, thus, episode after episode, you will become experts in this field. You can also communicate with the podcaster, via social media and ask them questions or address a topic that interests you, so they provide you with the information that you want to delve into in their new episodes.

Stepping into the world of podcasts is not limited to listening to these topics only, you can also share your thoughts, express your opinions, and engage with the listeners.

If you are a specialist or a content creator and you want to live a unique experience to express yourself, contact us via [email protected], so that we can start a special journey together, destined to inevitable success.