Audio, Video? That Is the Question

Audio, Video? That Is the Question

Claiming that audio is superior to video for content promotion is bold! You need to pay more attention to the strength of your ears. They can take you into space, around the globe, and back in time. You only need to close your eyes and slip on headphones.

Typically, People Don’t Use Podcast Applications for Video
In the early days of video podcasting, YouTube wasn’t a thing, but as the years passed, it solidified its dominance in the “where do people go to watch video content” war.

People typically associate podcasts with music. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a video podcast or include video in your mix of content. Still, you must consider how people consume content because they typically don’t go to a podcast app when searching for a video.

By having your audio in podcast apps and your video content on YouTube, you can get two bites of the cherry if you want to make a video.

Some Podcasting Apps Do Not Support Video in the First Place
Many podcast apps do not support video content, so if you invest hours producing video podcast material, you want to be sure people can watch it.

A bunch will also play your content, but only the audio part, so all the hard work you’ve put into your visuals ends up being for nothing.

The fact that video podcasts aren’t supported everywhere is a significant reason to stay with audio because a vital component of a podcast growth strategy is ensuring your content is accessible in all the places where people might be consuming it.

Videos Cannot Be Consumed Anywhere, but Audio Podcasts Can
Podcasts are a great way to reach your target audience wherever they are because of how flexible their format and distribution methods are. For businesses seeking to expand their connection options, podcasts are a great option because they can be downloaded or listened to online from a mobile device whenever and wherever you like (at home, at work, at the gym, in the car, on a road trip, etc.).

Contrarily, video has also gotten less and less “demanding”. Watching content is becoming more frictionless and fluid thanks to streaming platforms. Content is frequently accessible immediately and without advertisements. Unlike audiobooks, which typically have the best of both worlds characteristics, the video does not. Video, for instance, cannot be enjoyed while on the go (driving to work, jogging, or walking the dog), nor does it demand your complete focus and concentration, preventing you from engaging in other activities simultaneously.

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