Arabic Is Your Best Bet

Arabic Is Your Best Bet

The Mideast world is seeing a rise in podcasting. By increasing listenership over the past year, podcasting has demonstrated its viability as the media industry’s next stage. Presently, podcast listenership is growing on average by 20–40% annually, and from 2020 to 2027, the global podcasting market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.5%. The potential market for podcasts worldwide is already estimated at $75 billion.

Arabic: Language of Legacy

If you are wondering what language to use in your podcast, Arabic is a solid choice. While the idea of listening to podcasts is viewed as a bit westernized, youth remain attached to their heritage in the MENA region. Arab listeners might be more attracted to brands, yet they might still give a new creative voice a chance, especially if it speaks their language literally.

It might be your perfect chance to fill a void, reach out to a niche, trying to find a voice to reflect them. Sticking to your and their language is a safe way to connect with your listeners on a deeper level. Find issues that need to be addressed in the Arab world, and with your own experience blended in, share them in Arabic. This is a sure way to find a core Arab audience.

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Stay Focused

What was said before does not belittle the presence of English-speaking podcasts in the Arab world. After all, Arab youth might have started loving podcasts because of a mainstream English-speaking podcast. Do not let this shake you or deter you from your goal, a successful podcast in the Arab world.

Moreover, even though listeners get into podcasts in English, they will still accept podcasts in Arabic. Especially if you make it relatable, do not worry about the big names out there. Your podcast does not have to compete with English podcasts. It would be great if you could coexist with them.

Let us talk about data.

There are a few other scripted and storyline-based narrative audio shows from the MENA area, but they are primarily released in English. Although there is only a partial list of all MENA podcasts, the English-language podcasting brand Kerning Cultures, based in the UAE, has been compiling its data to chart the terrain.

There are roughly 75 live podcasts in the area, both in Arabic and English, according to Kerning Cultures. According to Kerning Cultures cofounder Hebah Fisher, only five are narrative or documentary audio programs. Most are talk-show-style, but she asserted that more in-depth, documentary-style podcasts would spur growth in the MENA market.

Wrap Up

It is safe to say that Arabic remains an attractive language to Arab listeners. So do not shy away from it. The idea that you have to compete with English-language podcasts should not make you lose focus on what’s more significant, the quality of the podcast you’re making. The main thing that will make listeners stay is a good podcast, different from what language this podcast is. 

Thankfully Podeo is here to ensure your podcast’s quality is as high as your ambitions.