An Artist Should Capture the Moment

An Artist Should Capture the Moment

In the era of podcasts, artists have found a perfect way to break free from the vicious circle of mainstream interviews. Many artists with a shy online presence are giving podcasts a chance for a more natural experience. Going on a podcast as an artist can boost your online presence and help create a solid bond between you and your fans. 


You Need to Catch the Moment


Nearly every medium, from fine art to mass media, has a moment. This is when a particular form of expression not only gives artists (and others) a chance to express ideas, tell stories, or advocate for change but also appears to go beyond expectations and have an unexpected, immediate, and profound impact on culture.


There are few guidelines for this format yet, which gives the medium a Wild West vibe that can be exciting. You can compare it to the early days of zine publication and blogging, so there’s a chance for you to stand out. You can persuade your idols to have coffee with you for about an hour if you have a microphone and some sane people behind you. People appreciate talking about the creative process with other creative people, and thankfully some people have found it interesting to tune in.


Podcasts stick out because they are lengthy, in contrast to the snippet-like tweets you receive on Twitter or the ethereal nature of Snapchat, which are the norm in this social media age where it is generally believed that shorter is better. Many musicians find podcasts’ long-form format very appealing. It’s incredible how much long-form podcasts appeal to artists. It keeps them company if they are seated and working on a painting or a comic book page.


Shape Your Image as an Artist


After all, that’s been said, appearing on the right podcast can shape your image as an artist. Choose carefully. If you’re unlucky, you might do more harm than good. All it takes is a slip-up, a bad question, and a wrong answer, and you will be all over social media. Yet a good podcast can humanize an artist enough to make the fans relate to them on a far deeper level.


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