6 Great Tips to Name Your Podcast

6 Great Tips to Name Your Podcast

Everything is hard at first, but only at first. One of the first steps in the podcasting journey of naming your podcast. And for all the people who want to enter this unique world and are looking for podcast naming tips, we will provide you with important information that will help you a lot. 

Before we dive into helpful podcast naming tips, you need to know how important a podcast name is. In fact, it is the first element that helps you reach your target audience, makes a solid first impression on listeners, and makes your podcast easier to find. Podcasts are usually named according to 3 basic ways, which are:

-Topic: Here, the podcast is named according to the general topic that the podcast addresses.

For example, the “Fear” podcast, which you listen to exclusively and for free on Podeo, talks about many strange types of fear in humans.

– The name of the podcaster: The podcaster here names the podcast after his name, and this name helps in the spread of the podcast. For example, the name of the podcast “The Life Story of Eli Mechantaf” could be put in this box, during which basketball player Eli Mechantaf tells many details about his life story.

-Creative Naming: Here, the podcaster thinks outside the box to choose an unusual, creative name that distinguishes the podcast from other podcasts.

The “Ghazal Podcast” is a clear example that explains this name, as it makes you curious to know the content and content.


Here Are 6 Tips for Naming Your Podcast Correctly:

1- The general topic: Make sure that the name you want to choose relates to and expresses the general topic of the podcast.

2- Competition: You must choose a name that can compete with other podcasts that deal with the same topic. So be sure to choose a distinguished name!

3- Abbreviation: It is very important that the name you choose is short, attractive, and less than 4 words.

4- Keywords: Use keywords in the name of the podcast so that the podcast is at the top of the search results on Google.

5- Ease: The name of the podcast should be easy, one of the secrets to reaching as many people as possible.

6- It can be remembered: A good name is one that listeners can always remember, and thus recommend to others to listen to.


Start Achieving Your Goals

Entering the world of podcasting is not difficult. Therefore, set big goals, trust in yourself and your abilities, and start your journey and you will definitely succeed. Download the Podeo app now to live an unparalleled experience from the beginning and throughout the journey.