5 ways to make you the smartest in the group!

ways to make you the smartest in the group

Information is a term associated with awareness, perception, knowledge, and learning. The word indicates an understanding of matters from all sides.

Who does not dream of being the smartest in a group of people and sharing the biggest amount of information about all topics? Of course, no one. So how can information make us smarter? And what do podcasts have to do with it?

Let’s discover the 5 secrets to gaining information and becoming more intelligent:

1- Openness To New Ideas: creativity is often associated with intelligence, as active and creative minds are usually more open to everything new and unfamiliar. Finding new sources of information exposes you to new perspectives, experiences, and concepts.

2- Enhancing Thinking: Operating the mind through deep thinking is very important to activate different areas of the brain and this is useful for stimulating intelligence. You may ask: How can we enhance thinking? It is by listening to podcasts. In fact, they provide a large amount of information which helps you to activate your mind and stimulate the brain.

3- Linking New Ideas With Old Information: Searching for new ideas does not mean forgetting everything you learned in the past, but rather it helps you to evolve your old information by linking them to the novel ideas. This is very important to stimulate intelligence as you operate the mind and expand your circle of knowledge, enabling you to speak in any group about any topic with confidence.

4- Find Answers: ask yourself many questions on various subjects and try to find answers through different sources. This is clear evidence of intelligence. All sorts of podcasts have popped up, answering questions on all sorts of topics: politics, health, psychology, culture, art, and more.

5- Writing Information: Try to listen to a podcast on a topic of interest to you, when the episode ends, write down the important points and information you remember from it. To confirm, listen to the episode again and compare the information you wrote down with what you heard. This method will help you memorize information faster and stronger so that you can then share it with other people.

Opening up to new ideas, enhancing thinking, linking new ideas with old information, searching for answers, and writing information are your go-to secrets to gaining new information and enhancing your intelligence and podcasts are your means to building your information library from anywhere, at any time.

Think about it!