Leverage the power of audio

Podeo's APIs and content catalog enables brands to integrate podcasts into all areas of their customer journeys

Acquisition. Engagement. Retention. Growth.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Podeo recommends relevant podcasts according to your customer's actions and increases their conversion

Innovate Customer Engagement

Podeo integrates with your brand's existing technology and enhances your customers' journey

Boost Customer Retention

Podeo pushes personalized audio relevant to your brand with patent-pending APIs

Massive Distribution Network

podcast directories
radio stations
ride hailing
public transport
iot devices
smart tvs


Programmatic Ads

Targeted ads based on interests, demographics and geo-locations

Dynamically Inserted Ads

Insert pre-recorded audio ads into your podcast's Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll

Baked-in Ads

Written scripts, recorded and narrated by the podcast hosts themselves, makes the ad feel natural and part of the topic

Patent-Pending Technology

Plug & Play API's

AI-Powered Backend

Complex Analytics, Simplified